A unit is a member of your Commander's army. Units can be recruited several ways during gameplay, and each has their own unique properties and abilities. Every unit has the following statistics:

  • Gender: A unit's gender is randomly determined and has no effect on gameplay.
  • Name: A unit's first and last name is randomly generated with gender and nationality taken into account. A nickname can by assigned by the player, e.g. John "Ace" Smith.
  • Class: A unit's class determines their abilities and weapons.
  • Rank: The unit's rank within your army. There are three levels of rank, attained by success on the battlefield.
    • Traits: When a unit has reached the second rank, they will be granted a random trait. They will receive another upon reaching the third rank.
  • Health: How much damage a unit can suffer after armor has been depleted. Injuries are only possible when a unit takes health damage.
  • Armor: How much damage a unit can suffer before beginning to take health damage.
  • Speed: How many squares on the map a unit can move per turn.

List of units Edit

See Classes

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